octubre 08, 2008

fin de semana de risas en contrapunto!!

Just look at these clouds! We had the most wonderful october sky this weekend. It's been quite a while since I had that much fun. Dulce's quartet was invited to play at Jazzatlán in Cholula, and she invited me. Sweeeet!

Quartet: terms that refers to four voices or instruments that perform together... or 8 hands playing together, jajajaThere were Dulce's of course (piano) and (in alphabetical order) Jaime's (DB), Jorge's (drums) and Juan's (Sax), curious thing huh? all guys name start with J. Ana, Lalo and me came along as cheerleaders..jaja All together we had quite a good laugh.

Afters hrs of traffic jam we arrived 'round 4pm, made a quick stop at Jazzatlan left all the musical stuff and hurried up to grab a piece of food. Coffee. Rehearsal for them, up the hill for us... Ana disappered after lunch sooo Lalo and I went up the hill to visit the church alone cause the piramid was already closed. Oh, for those who doesnt know, spaniards built this church on top of a piramid..well they did that everywhere actually jijiji but well, at this site you can visit both. Wonderful sunset, clouds dancing with the wind. Sunset brought us down and back to the club. Ana arrived, and we went for a quick visit to handycraft stores before going to the hotel to get ready for some Jazz, jazz, jazz......

JAzzy,smooth, sweet, tasty Jazzatlán is closing for good...good thing is opening a bigger and more comfortable place. I loved it as it is though. Pizzas are tasty, beers are cold and music.. well, couldnt ask for more..maybe more chairs jeje.

Morena project's thrilling performance made everybody happy. At least had me smiling from ear to ear even with my sleepy head. Ana and I began feeling tired around 1am, hungry by 2 am and begging for a bed by 4...jaja There were some other musicians around so a jam was pretty much the thing to happen.

Jorge had to play next day and Juan was also eager to come back to the city, so they all left as soon as everything finished. Only four wackos arrived at the hotel and laughed to sleep arpund 5am. Woke up as early as 8:30 thanks to the cardboard-like walls and a very loud lady nextroom. Breakfast buffet! we ate and ate jajaja the only one that didnt quite wake up was Jaime, always like in autopilot...he almost left his DB! jajaja
We found common grounds on our return taking place before it was too late and the highway crowded. Smoothly went everything, I guess.
Cool people, cool place, cool music!

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