febrero 19, 2008

Musical Weekend

Friday night

El Chino and I went all the way to PomonaOnce to attend Paté de Fuá's presentation....uju! We love them, i love them. Every time we go, we have a good time, they're great musicians and people. When they play they transmit their love for music, dunno, its very special. Besides dinner at pomona its quite delicious and affordable. Couldn't take any photos there.
Before Pomona I wanted to attend Matías Ravier presentation at IFAL....damns traffic jam..couldnt make it...

Saturday....just went by

Sunday...I could take some shots there, not very good ones but shots after all. Again Dani and I went to listen to Paté de Fuá....again..jajaja Inspite the sun on our faces, music sounded sooo much better. At Pomona we were crowded, coulds see anyone but Perata and Alexi's hat...and the window behind them kept on rattling...but at casa del lago music flowed neatly into our ears...

Later that day I went (again) to CeNArt The Beaujean Project was on stage at 4pm. more sun on my head and more really goodmusic in my heart. These two sisters in gang with really young and talented guys sound very cool and jazzy. I like specially Jenny's style, how she sings is marvelous. Elendil would like to add: they're also very sexy girls jajajaja.

Photos all mine

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