febrero 11, 2008

dancing hippos

Monday Monday, so good to me,
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be
Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee
That Monday evening you would still be here with me.[...]

Im talking bout my sanity....Gosh !

For some reason I couldnt manage to finish anything, my undergraduate turned into hell...burning words! Nothing came through, hence i became quite frustrated. This feeling started growing deeper underground, till i was absolutly freaked out . STOP! (meatloaf style) grabbed my gray capri tights, a tank, a fleece...shoes!

Made a short stop at walmart to pick up some chewies for Hanna and ingredients for my morning smoothie... when i realized that people kept staring, hey! what is it...maybe i looked kind o' weird for a supermaket: grey tights(with shiny lat stripes) bright red fleece, nose ring, glasses, really messy hair....oh and my leather handbag...carrying around a basket full of herbs and vegetables...awkward? imagine if I had chosen the electric pink tights, jijijijiji i dont care, tights are sooo comfortable....

They charged me more than $80 extra ,and i didnt notice till I got to Echegaray for a nice jogging evenining....!!!nice! argh! oook so, warm up, stretch...lets just take a nice walk like yesterday's Mariana.

Gatorade, please! I gasped after an I-dont-know-how-long-it-took-me course. I managed to finish my old 5km course, jogging! Yesterday I walked 8Km at 6Km/hr nicely done , I mean its been over a year since my last trainning season. Today I was foolish enough to let my bad mood push me onto the road, like an old coal horse, just following the track...a weird state...still can't understad how i didt it, suddenly, I was back in the car, dehidrated, feeling stupid and really really dizzy .Drank, rested till my head was clear and drove back home.

Where the Hell did my common sense go!?

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