mayo 13, 2008

Searching an answer

I've decided to open a new blog. I wont be updating too often cause its bout my creativity projects, as they take some time it'll be hard to update it frequently.

The thing is, Im searching for an answer; an answer science hasnt given me yet. Though I dont regret studing what i did, beyond that I loove Biology, there's always something missing. Dunno exactly what it is nor where or when shall I find it , but certainly I want to engage myself into this quest.

In hope of your company I leave here Eärwen's creativity urges

I wanted to name it "Ithildin weaving" , but i find it far too pretentious. Ithildin was the magical substance made by elves from mithril and could only be seen by the reflected light of the moon and stars. Gandalf translated it as "starmoon" ...remeber the door of Durin at Moria in LOTR? well those inscriptions were made with Ithildin. Maybe, when I acquire some more experience, maybe then I'll change the name...

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