abril 28, 2008

I should stop saying I dont fancy blond guys...

GORAN BREGOVIC at Mexico City's Festival along with his wedding and funeral orchestra and instrumenta Oaxaca...can you imagine this? nooo its beyond imagination jajajaja. Miriam and I arrived to Plaza de Santo Domingo one hr before and itwas already crowded, still we got a nice spot...I guess the guy that was in front of us thought the same cause he kept staring the whole concert; he was there with his girl and still he kept staring and smiling very weirdly, moron...freaky, really I was about to confront him, but well...Goran was more important.


im out of words , after jumping and dancing more than 2 hours, moooore than two hours. Not only dancing but the emotional impression, the thrill, massive amounts of energy flowing among the crowd...Goran looking as masculine as always, wearing awhite silk? suite, rarely does a guy looks so good dressing like he does.

The chords started with Instrumenta Oaxaca Brass orchestra...all so young! Very impressive...suddenly after some pieces....tuuuuuttrutututu where where!? I couldnt see beyond the sea of people...and then out of who knows where, the weddings and funerals orchestra appeared among the crowd and up stage they went. Thrilling.

The music, the musicians, mood, everything was magical. Gas, gas gas! and there we went off into the sky. He was promoting his latest production called "Alcohol"...but played some from Karmen with a happy end and classics like Kalashnjikov or Ausenciaaaa...yeah divinely sung by Alen Ademovic, he also plays percussions and accordion...this guy's voice takes you instantly to the Balkans.

Did I mention he is cute..cute cute jajaja He's the reason I'll stop saying I dont fancy blonds. Dark blond long hair, nice beard (sic) and fantastic grey eyes, beyond that, he's incredibly sexy, he just played there sexy and all jajaja. Miriam and I were all ..humm...stupidly staring at the guy. Now you know, ifany guylike this one is your friend, please be so kind to introduce him to me. I absolutely recomend Karmen with a Happy end, Alden contributes a lot with his voice, so young and yet very talented added to Goran's creations..well its worth its weight in gold.

Last but not least, the girls sang all along beautifully...they are beautiful and sing idem. Their voices are sooo powerful, inspiring.Im not sure, but Ithink that gyspy balkan music is dificult to sing, but astoundingly harmonious.

Goran said he loved playing here, we loved him...perfect combination! The adrenaline lasted some days, something like a runner's rush but sweeter. After listening Alen, I understood why i have it hard finding a guy I like in this city...jajajajaja Leave you with a pic from Ademovic's site

PS. yes I'm an adjetive abuser...jajaja

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