noviembre 18, 2010

Fou, feu...he's my frère mayor

Some days ago Octavio and I visited salon Corona. He's like my big brother, my best friend. We enjoy being quite silly, so we're always looking for ways to have fun and laugh...those small details that make the salt n' pepper. Beer+ octopus tacos+ some more food+ good laughs= a nice soirée.

Cheers mate!

We also fooled around a bit with the camera. 

tooorta de adobo for the lady please, and a couple o' pints!

 steak tacos and shrimp soup for the hungry man
beer! beer! lovely beer!
"Too delicate, it's nooot coffee" he said

not posing!  this is quite a very "me" pose while talking with someone at the table

 My friend is a natural flirt
hell nooo! jajaja

getting chilly in here? 

 Cheers mate!

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