octubre 31, 2010

an ordinary, not so ordinary wednesday

Last Wednesday my dear friend Quique headed back to Europe,  Copenhague to be more precise.We were  to meet at 1:30pm for lunch and then head to the airport. He kindly (super cool) agreed on taking some parcels for sending them from Spain to France, so freight rate is hell lot lower for me.
Buuuut as my very bad habit dictates, I left many details to the very deadline. The little parcels weren't ready, so I worked like crazy to finish 'em on time.

I keep on wondering why I always end up with such a big mess when I work at my workshop....can't work any other way ....

Hanna hijacked my chair...so I had to sit on her's,  ending up with hairy pants jajaja..

She likes mine cause it's a bit wider than hers sooo she can happily spread half body on my lap half on the chair without falling.

After rushing from one side of the city to the other, we had a well deserved lunch at the market near the airport. There's nothing like a great company to make any meal a good one.

Having arrived with perfect timing at the airport terminal 2, we had our pic taken ^^
Happy friends!! farewell brother!!! see ya soon!!!

Having the time of my life.
Rush hour traffic
sunshine on my face...
at least I got a nice tan jaja

Half a litter of delicious Mamey shake and Idan Raichel's music  kept me company.

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Indalecio dijo...

ahhhh el estudio del artista, deberías de hacer unas snaps de tu estudio ñ.ñ

EärwenElórë dijo...

si las tengo, un "antes" y "despues" de poner "orden" en mi desorden de taller. Ya estoy en esas de escrbir la entrada pero en BearSoul ^^