julio 07, 2010

"What is that you express in your eyes? It seems to me more than all the words I have read in my life."    
                                                                               -Walt Whiteman

30 years have passed, and
She still doesnt fully understand
the strength behind those eyes...

Bear Spirit...
help her find the way,
help her unleash the power within
trascend the green into the world of forms
give her a new name,
allow the woman become the warrior
let the warrior allow her to be a woman

Mother Bear
guide this daughter of the sea,
rumbling spirit of the long gone forests
she left her heart at the shore
she still knows him, her skin remembers
forgotten memories of the long gone love
yet recovered at the crossroads of time
always there
felt the blood that once ran
kindred soul, that smelled like brine
at the crossroads of time

The tempest, Mother, arouses the sea
unravels her hair and dreams
her heart yearns the pounding sea
sea bonds, blood bonds, soul bonds

Bear Spirit
embrace your daughter
wipe her tears
allow the bear break free
Mother, teach her about the bonds...

A true soul bond,

my sweet daughter
is like the sea
just an illusion of movement,
no matter how hard the wind blows
the distance, thunder or time
it shall endure all
for the sea young bjongunn,
is life herself
and will always prevail.

Susan Seddon, bear spirit

3 comentarios:

Indalecio dijo...

Vamos niña, no te detengas, lo peor que pudieras hacer sería vivir empantanada, go,go,go

El camino es amplio, solo no te detengas.

Tienes los medios, el corazón y el alma, solo no te detengas.

EärwenElórë dijo...

i wont...no more swampgirl ^^

when this gal gets on the move nothing will stop her...she´ll be like a mountain stream...clear, cheerful and life giving

thank you

Tulkas Astaldo Poldoreä dijo...

Hola Eärwen me encanto la imgen esta genial je je y la frase me gusto mucho, saludos amiga que estes requetebien je je =D