enero 19, 2010

Tuesday, Jan 19th, 2010 -- You can dream your way into the future, for tomorrow's reality begins as today's vision. But it's not good enough to just have a hunch and then let it go. Take control of your fantasies and fill them in with as much detail as you can now, for the more specific you are in your flights of fancy, the easier it will be to turn your thoughts into reality

today's horoscope.....not so far away from what i should be up to....i guess...jajajaja

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Ana dijo...

Hola Marianita, me gustan tus Blogs, por cierto, me encantó el más reciente pensamiento que pusiste en Hakuna Matata, es tuyo? Abrazos!! Ana B.

EärwenElórë dijo...

el ultimo ultimo? es el horoscopo pa Cancer de ese dia....que me sono muy apropiado jejeje

eeey gracias por pasar por aqui :D