noviembre 10, 2008

No more mosh pits for Eärwen

Last friday Santi, better known as El Oso, and I went all the way to metepec to revisit our mosh pit days. Days where all we needed for a nice weekend was a big dose of thrash and friends...yeah, we realized we've become fancy... jajaja

9 sharp, his place (after all his wife was at her mom's) . All sort of weird guys started to arrive, including me . Some still long-haired with leather jackets, bust most just regular guys in T and jeans...I found it strange, last time I saw them all together was like 10 yrs ago or so!! gosh! Manuel didnt recognize me...nah! you dont fool me she had straight hair, 5 piercings on each ear and was at least 10cm shorter...made me wonder how people see and remember me...

Metepec...dunno what time. Not nearly what I remembered. Full house. Lots of teens, some old stuff as us... but mainly teens. Big sweaty mosh pit already spinning round...good music...Opeth's enter sandman cover....and a dark beer pint in my belly. I looked pretty hippie that day in the middle of so much black clothing. There was this girl with a marvelously looking leather dress, so tight I still wonder how she put it on..jaja wish I had one. One "round" in the mosh pit was all I needed to end up wounded jejeje, couple of bruises and a severely swollen more mosh pits for Eärwen.
All of a sudden, the mosh went wilder're not gonna belive it: Lucybell... went head over heals...what the hell!!! I could've taken in even gorgoroth but thaaaat! thaat was just toooo much. Santi's frown made his eyebrows look like one. We left for good.

We took off as fast as we could, picked up some beer on our way home and spent the rest of the night at Pauhlo's, who actually had his nose out of joint cause he hadnt ever attended "such a place"...just look at those bruises Mar!!! jajaja. Santi spent a lot of energy trying to convince everybody about his anthropological theories .... using me as an example...mmmfff I tell ya later about them

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