septiembre 29, 2008

waking up...

“ Never complain about what you permit”
“Remember, holding resentment is
like taking poison and hoping the other person gets sick. Drop them”
-Anthony de Mello.

Ive been holding on to these two statements lately. Carrying around in my basket hell lot of unfinished and unforgiven issues has been kind of overwhelming. Who can enjoy life like this?! Did you see “The mission”? Well I felt like De Niro, carrying around his armor everywhere ...
Of course is not an easy thing to do, letting go i mean. All these years identifying myself with this armor has had its consequences on my emotional and mental habits. Nevertheless I retook the concept of we humans being as tea leaves sooo unless i want to turn into a nasty bitter ooze, I need to clean up... jejeje

A couple of my fave songs ...thanks to my beloved Hobbit I dedicate these to you, just for being you :D and making me part of your life danke!

Sucede que a veces, Ismael Serrano :D

Pajaros en la cabeza

Sooo thats what i been up to (and still without a decent PC)...for those who asked...noticing the shit inside, accepting it and it up. Salaam!

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