enero 30, 2008

Papa Beto last sunday

Well, Elendil and I took off to PapaBeto Jazz Bistro last sunday. Supposedly a jam was to take place between the students of some College ensemble and whomever else wanted to play. It turned out to be some american college and UDLA's highschool students and else...

There were a lot of students (specially the mexican ones )bluffin' and moving round with their clarinets and so but not playing just (literally) showing off hahaha. The heads of all these guys that didnt care much for the music as much as how they looked playing, kept on getting in my pics!! argh

Though I recon there were really good momentsof good music, and did have a nice time there. The kid on the piano had it and the guy on the DB amazed me cause there was no other to play so he kept on and on and on.... Local musicians (as always) took the stage and kicked ass along side american teachers. Good stuff.

ooiii dont even mention the food, I should say again.. as always was finger-liking DankeShöen!!!

Lef the place round 9pm cause I still had so much to finish back home (sic).

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